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Bin Laden

Posted 5/2/2011 10:56:00 PM
It was almost surreal last night. I was flipping thru Netflix choices, glancing down at my phone feeding my Twitter addiction ,when i saw a few tweets that President Obama was going to address the nation at 10:30....but no topic. Then no topic became .."something to do with national security to where news leaked out that Bin Laden was dead.

For many of you, as pictures from the White House and Ground Zero celebrations began to appear, I'm sure thoughts of where you were, came flying back....for me, I even remember the small details, We were doing a refinance on the house...the dog had a vet appointment, the all clear that my sister was fine (she lived in NYC at the time) are things i'll never forget. I vividly remember seeing my daughter, two months old, lying in her crib...wondering about her future. But i REALLY remember coming to the studio that ...

Taylor Swift- ENTERTAINER of the year!

Posted 4/4/2011 10:26:00 PM
I was on the Facebook chat last night for the ACMS. I continue to be miffed, confused, "don't get" as to WHY there is such nastiness when Taylor Swift wins a major award.
The arguement that she's NOT country is a joke. Yup...She's got pop versions of songs do Lady A,, Sugarland and don't look now kids JASON ALDEAN and Kelly Clarkson are crossing over...Let us not forget that in the late 90s, BOTH Shania and Faith were massive at pop me i lived it!
Whats country to you might be different to whats country to me....BUT
WHY the nasty posts?
Hey...It's cool if she's NOT your favorite, maybe she's not the greatest singer who ever walked the planet but why is there such dislike from some?
If you have kids would YOU want her to be a role model? Ever read an ounce of scandal about Taylor Swift?? ...

Famous for being famous

Posted 3/28/2011 8:02:00 PM
Back in the stone age, One of my friends was a very savy marketing guy even when we both in college. He was a big "American Bandstand" fan ( i have the theme stuck in my head). He was always excited to point out the acts he knew that would go nowhere. Some grade C actor carving out a music career.
He used to refer to them as being "Famous for being famous"
This thought seems to go thru my head when i see all this never ending hype about Charlie Sheen. Yes, he's had a great run on a sitcom...I loved "Platoon" but a TOUR? Interns? a MILLION Twitter followers? really? I've read his first, there was a novelty about me he's like that party guest who won't go home...Nothing against the guy, but i think off\ all the talent that works their socks off in Nashville ...

Winter Benchmark

Posted 2/16/2011 10:58:00 PM
I can't remember a winter where so much of the talk on the radio and in cyberland is about THIS winter. You'd think it's going to be 80 this week and we're all going to be sitting in traffic on the Sagamore Bridge heading to the Cape (oh but a day at Kalmus Beach in Hyannis sounds REALLLY good right now)...but we will take the 50's
To me, Presidents day is always a benchmark that we are getting close to turning the corner on winter, altho i remember one nasty snowstorm on Presidents day when i frist started at this radio show. Also the month of March isn't alway a picnic with the weather...
So it got me to thinking, We have some big shows this summer. Keith Urban, Two taylor and Kenny shows. Has this LONG winter opened your wallet for this forth coming summer. Anyone indulging and going ...


Posted 1/24/2011 10:09:00 PM
Just sitting HERE and thinking how much i enjoy "Summertime" by Kenny when it comes on the studio speakers. "All Summer Long"..etc...
Yes, I too have reached my cold weather/SNOW saturation point.
Artists are smart. Tell me a song you really want to hear with WINTER in the title...
"Hazy Shade of Winter....."
(not really)
Even songs that could be sad if you just read their title, "Summer Time BLUES" warm me up tonight....
Don't worry ...WE will get thru it.
Before you know it, We will all be complaining about the heat and humidity. I say: