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Bin Laden
Posted 5/2/2011 10:56:00 PM
It was almost surreal last night. I was flipping thru Netflix choices, glancing down at my phone feeding my Twitter addiction ,when i saw a few tweets that President Obama was going to address the nation at 10:30....but no topic. Then no topic became .."something to do with national security to where news leaked out that Bin Laden was dead.

For many of you, as pictures from the White House and Ground Zero celebrations began to appear, I'm sure thoughts of where you were, came flying back....for me, I even remember the small details, We were doing a refinance on the house...the dog had a vet appointment, the all clear that my sister was fine (she lived in NYC at the time) are things i'll never forget. I vividly remember seeing my daughter, two months old, lying in her crib...wondering about her future. But i REALLY remember coming to the studio that day. It's a feeling i still can't explain to this day...the paranoia about driving into a major city, under the Pru....eerie...How we were going to handle all of this on the radio.

I was in this very studio when i heard Alan Jackson perform "where were you" on TV and i knew, somehow ,we had to get the song on the radio the next day...One of the things i saved from that day was the "USA Today". It's a closeup of the explosion of one of the Towers on the front page. I took it out today. It has the feel and smell of a newspaper that starting to age. So when my daughter who was in the crib that day came home from school this afternoon (4th grade), I showed her that paper...I'm not sure the magnitude of the day was totally clear to her, but i think she got the idea. Oddly, the show i settled on last night was Ken Burns "The War" and they were interviewing people on the impact of Pearl Harbor. I understand it, but it doesn't have the impact that 9/11 does to me...because like many of you. It seems like yesterday, even approaching ten years later.

Never Forget

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