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Taylor Swift- ENTERTAINER of the year!
Posted 4/4/2011 10:26:00 PM
I was on the Facebook chat last night for the ACMS. I continue to be miffed, confused, "don't get" as to WHY there is such nastiness when Taylor Swift wins a major award.
The arguement that she's NOT country is a joke. Yup...She's got pop versions of songs do Lady A,, Sugarland and don't look now kids JASON ALDEAN and Kelly Clarkson are crossing over...Let us not forget that in the late 90s, BOTH Shania and Faith were massive at pop me i lived it!
Whats country to you might be different to whats country to me....BUT
WHY the nasty posts?
Hey...It's cool if she's NOT your favorite, maybe she's not the greatest singer who ever walked the planet but why is there such dislike from some?
If you have kids would YOU want her to be a role model? Ever read an ounce of scandal about Taylor Swift?? There are so many negative things that happen day to day in the world....I love that fact that everytime her songs come on the radio my 9 and 6 year old daughters smile and sing everynote....even if they turn away when i catch them. Kids only get one chance at a childhood and its my job as a parent to point them to people i'd love for them to emulate....
At the top of my list....Taylor Swift.
SO the next time you wanna  toss out a bunch of nastiness  on an chat about Taylor Swift..stop for a second....that sound you probably hear is one of YOUR kids having the time of their life getting the lyrics wrong to "Love Story"....."after all why gotta be so MEAN...."
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