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Famous for being famous
Posted 3/28/2011 8:02:00 PM
Back in the stone age, One of my friends was a very savy marketing guy even when we both in college. He was a big "American Bandstand" fan ( i have the theme stuck in my head). He was always excited to point out the acts he knew that would go nowhere. Some grade C actor carving out a music career.
He used to refer to them as being "Famous for being famous"
This thought seems to go thru my head when i see all this never ending hype about Charlie Sheen. Yes, he's had a great run on a sitcom...I loved "Platoon" but a TOUR? Interns? a MILLION Twitter followers? really? I've read his first, there was a novelty about me he's like that party guest who won't go home...Nothing against the guy, but i think off\ all the talent that works their socks off in Nashville to just get discovered and Charlie can muster up over a million fans in a couple of days? and YES, he's coming to Boston...All the tour does to me is extend the lifecyle of this nonsense..
There is a TON of talent coming to the area this summer. Save your money on Charlie and go see some great live country music!
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