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Italian Adventure
Posted 5/3/2010 7:04:00 PM
      You have to love vacations because it's the opportunity to “get away from it all”!  In my case, Italy provided not only a much needed vacation, but time away with my daughter before she heads off to college. Little did I know, I would be missing one thing on my music. I listened to a lot of radio while touring Italy and visiting family, but never found any country music. No, not even Taylor Swift was heard on my cousin's radio!
      Music defines my life in so many ways, as I'm sure it does yours. When I can't get my favorite brand of music it makes me cranky. Ok, so how could I be cranky in Italy? Well, first of all, there was the volcano. Our flight was late to Rome which made us miss our connecting flight to Southern Italy. The airline didn't care about a natural disaster which caused us to miss our flight! We had to pay for two more tickets to our destination. Ugh. Finally we made it to Bari, and learned the Rome airport was closed due to volcanic ash, so we were not sure how we would make it back to Florence. With so many people stranded and trying to get home, the trains were sold out. Keep calm Ginny...this is an adventure. I couldn't help but hum Phil Vassar's “Just Another Day In Paradise”, and Danny Gokey's “My Best Days Are Ahead Of Me”. Music kept me sane.
      Three days of stress was well worth the rest of the 10 day trip. Once we found our way to Florence and then back to Rome, we really felt like we were on a Roman Holiday! In fact, the food, wine, culture, history and people were so fantastic, it reminds me of another great country song: “You're Gonna Miss This” by Trace Adkins. And I do miss Italy so much, but I am happy to be back in the good ole USA. There's nothing like American country music...and my iPod while on vacation! Ciao!
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