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Kelleigh Bannen

I MAKE MUSIC. IT’S WHAT I DO, AND IT’S WHO I AM. I tried to convince myself to do something practical with my life…a real job, that pays the bills. But music had a hold of me, and it wasn’t letting go. So I learned to write songs, and I learned to play them out in front of people, and eventually I learned how to do that without almost throwing up. AND PEOPLE STARTED TO LISTEN.

I WANT TO MAKE THE KIND OF MUSIC THAT FEELS GREAT WHEN YOU CRANK IT UP on your way home from work on Friday night. THE KIND THAT PLAYS IN YOUR HEAD EVEN WHEN YOU TURN IT OFF. And I want to make the kind of music that makes you lean in and think about who you are, and who you want to be. And maybe someday, some kid will fall in love with the music too because he heard my song on your radio station. SO THANK YOU. THE KINDEST THING YOU CAN DO FOR A SINGER IS LISTEN. Thank you for doing just that. It’s going to be a crazy journey. I HOPE YOU’LL COME WITH ME..

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