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If there’s ever a Nashville edition of the famed “Survivor” television series, the smart bet would likely be on multi-talented artist Andy Gibson to bring home the big money. Based on a lifelong work ethic and incredible resumé of talents, skills and experience, Andy certainly has what it takes to survive long after others have been voted off the proverbial Music City Island. And we’re not just talking music here.

Sure, Andy co-wrote one of the biggest hits in recent memory with his powerful tune “Don’t You Want To Stay,” the multi-week #1 country hit for Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson that the duo performed on the last year’s CMA Awards to a standing ovation. And he’s also currently in the studio with legendary producer James Stroud finishing up his own debut album of killer songs, including the infectious first single and video, “Wanna Make You Love Me.”

But Andy’s talents don’t end there. He’s a guy who more than knows his way around a tool shed. He can do everything from hanging drywall and trim carpentry to installing and maintaining a heating and air conditioning system. He’s worked professionally as a freelance graphic designer, photographer, videographer, deck hand, pizza maker and studio engineer. And, since moving to Nashville five years ago, he’s been a demo singer and performed in Spanish restaurants, singing everything from classic country and his own original tunes to traditional Spanish songs… in Spanish.

So where does Andy get his incredible drive and work ethic? From the same place he gets his passion and talent for music—his parents, John and Debbie Gibson (the original Debbie Gibson, Andy’s quick to point out). The fourth of five children, Andy was born September 15, 1981 in Spokane, Washington. The family moved to the San Francisco area when Andy was very young, living there until moving outside Las Vegas when Andy was nine.

Throughout much of Andy’s childhood, the Gibson family worked together on projects—buying old houses, gutting them, fixing them up and reselling them. Andy’s first job was at age five—pulling nails out of boards. “That’s just how we grew up,” he remembers. “We didn’t watch television. We didn’t even have cable. We’re all just really hard workers and we’re happiest when we’re working.”

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