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SHeDAISY is an award winning, contemporary country music group who burst on the scene back in the days when big hats and “achy breaky” music ruled the country music roost. The band is made up of sisters Kristyn, Kassidy, and Kelsi Osborn. These three have managed to forge a unique sound that blends a powerful lead voice with complex vocal arrangements and the type of harmonies that would bring tears of unadulterated joy to the likes of Gladys Knight and the Pips or Alabama.

They originally left their home in Utah for Tennessee as an act signed to RCA. At that early phase of their career they were simply known as “The Osborn Sisters”. While the name was a charming bridge back in time to other famous sister groups (ones who were also known for beautiful harmonies), it didn’t stick. After leaving RCA they re-emerged sometime later as SHeDAISY. The word itself (shideezhí) is a Navajo term for “my little sister”. Those who thought the name somehow related to flowers or was Yiddish for “hold the pickles” are probably rather new to this band. Whether the name change was a shrewd business decision or the result of the type of sisterly band meeting that included salt and margarita mix is a bit of a gray area but the truth is that their debut as SHeDAISY was the start of something special.

Those who are familiar with SHeDAISY are well aware of the music they have created. Their songs have run the gamut from a rare sort of musical beauty to snarky tracks where it is clear that their collective tongue was firmly planted in the cheek during the writing process. Obviously this doesn’t happen by accident and each sister has a role to play in order to bring their music from the ethereal realm of ideas into the light of melodic reality.

Kristyn, Kassidy, and Kelsi obviously share some DNA but have each managed to be incredibly different from one another. Those who enjoy and appreciate their music would be understandably curious about each one of these sisters and we would be remiss if we didn’t help folks get to know them a bit better.

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