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Lash Out Loud
by Laurie Gail

Sephora Bull's Eye Lash ApplicatorFaux eye lashes are an easy way to achieve different looks, whether you are going for high drama or looking to enhance thin and sparse lashes.

Celebrity make-up artist J. Guerra has worked with celebrities such as Bethenny Frankel, Kathy Wakile, Tiffany Giardina, and others in addition to behind the scenes work at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, USA Couture Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, and Paris Fashion Week.

He gives his professional tips and tricks below.

1. Lay out the materials needed. (Some materials are optional.)

  • Hand sanitizer - Sanitize your hands before starting the procedure in order to eliminate any germs entering the eye area.
  • Tissues - Lay one or two out on the surface you will be working on to keep all tools clean and sanitary.
  • One pair of false eyelash strips
  • One pair of small scissors
  • One tube of lash adhesive
  • One toothpick or small applicator tool
  • One pair of tweezers
  • Cotton swabs
  • Liquid or cream liner (preferably black)
  • Eyelash curler
  • Mascara (preferably black)

Ok, now let’s get started.

2. Prepare your natural lashes.

  • Curl your eyelashes. Insert your lashes as close as possible into the eyelash curler and squeeze it gently.
  • Apply a coat of mascara to the top and underside of your eyelashes.

Now that your real lashes are taken care of, let’s work with the fake ones.

3. Open the false eyelashes and prepare them for application.

  • First, begin by removing the lash strips carefully from their tray using tweezers.
  • Measure the lashes. Hold the strip up to your own lashes and notice the length of the false strip compared to your natural lash line.
  • If needed, cut the false lash strip to custom fit your eye using small scissors. Always cut the lashes from the outside, or where the eyelash hairs are longer on the strip.
  • Roll the eyelashes to create a curve in the strip. Do this by wrapping the lash strip around your forefinger or bending it to make the ends touch. This will round the lash strip in order to snuggly fit on the natural curve of your eyelid.
  • Apply the adhesive, or lash glue, to the eyelash strip. Use a toothpick or other small tool to evenly apply the glue along the strip of the false eyelash line. Apply the glue generously on either ends of the strip, as these are the points where it will most likely lift after being applied to the eye.
  • Blow on the lashes for about thirty seconds. Allowing the glue to dry slightly will make it become tacky, ensuring secure application to the lash line.

Now that they’re all set, let’s try gluing them on!

4. Apply the false eyelashes to the eye.

  • Using tweezers or your fingers, lay the lash strip on top of your own lashes. Be sure to press the lash strip against your eyelid as close to your natural lash line as possible.
  • Squeeze the ends of the strip closely to your natural lash line and hold for a few seconds.
  • With a cotton swab, roll the lash strip closer to your lash line, almost underneath your eyelid. Use the cotton swab to absorb and remove any excess glue. Also use the cotton swab to absorb any wetness from the tear duct, in case your eyes begin to tear during the application.

For a more natural or for a dramatic look, here are a few tips.

5. Finally, blend your natural eyelashes with the false ones. There are a few additional steps in order to achieve a well-blended look.

  • Apply a thin line of liquid or cream eyeliner over the lash line to conceal the false strip.
  • For added effect, press and curl your natural lashes together with the false lashes using an eyelash curler. Be extremely gentle to avoid the lash strip from lifting and separating.
  • Use a coat of mascara to further blend the lashes together.
  • Apply additional coats for optimal effect and a more dramatic look.
  • Please note: Applying any mascara to the false eyelashes will prevent them from being reusable.

Now that you’ve been debriefed, here are some tips for choosing the right ones. Faux lashes come in lots of varieties!

MAC eyelashesMAC has an impressive line of lashes. Wispy, natural, dramatic, full… all in different patterns and designs. They also have individual lashes in three different lengths available in one package. (Available at

Make Up ForeverMake Up For Ever has tons of options. Lashes to increase length and intensity - they have got it. Colors, feathers - that’s covered too! Their new limited edition Holodiam Collection Eyelashes feature lashes dotted with golden glitters for a full-on festive look. (Available at

ARDELL got their empire off the ground in 1971 with their ARDELL Duralashes. Their reasonably priced line includes strip lashes, individuals, and more recently, ARDELL ACCENTS, a shorter strip lash specifically for the outer corners of your eyes. They also have self-adhesive lashes, which are pre-glued. Check out their site for recommendations based on eye shape. (

Another economical brand is Prestige. Theirs have names such as Brigette, Pamela, Giselle and other celebrity-inspired styles. They come with a small tube of adhesive. (Available at

Sephora Deco Daze LashesSephora has a nice selection of its own brand. Their newest, Deco Daze Faux Lashes, feature glitter and rhinestones. (Available at

Duo is the gold standard when it comes to lash adhesives. Its latex formula stays put but is easy to remove when the time comes. The white formula dries clear. It also comes in a brush-on option and a waterproof dark tone. (Available at CVS.)

I recently discovered a totally fab tool for application: the Sephora Bulls Eye Lash Applicator. The rubber-coated grips offer excellent hold and control and you can use the back end to tuck the lashes into the lash line. (Available at

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