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Curl Power
by Laurie Gail

Curling your lashes is one of the best ways to make your eyes pop. Many find using an eyelash curler to be very intimidating, but curling your eyelashes is not as scary as it looks! All it takes is patience and practice.

Celebrity Makeup Artist Tara Loren, known for her work on “For A Good Time, Call…,” “True Blood,” “The Killing” and others, gives instructions and tips below.

With just a quick curl of your lashes, you can give your eyes that much-needed open, awake feeling in no time. A quick swipe of mascara to lock them in place and you're ready to go. I find it best to place the pad of the curler as close to the lash line as possible then give it a good, tight squeeze (be careful not to pinch your lid). This will create that ultimate lift you need. Then slowly work your way up your lashes - two more times should be sufficient.

Japonesque eyelash curlerDon't keep your eyes looking too high when you start or you won't have enough room to get to the root. Try tilting your head up slightly and looking down as you bring the lash curler in.

Here are a few I keep on hand:

I've used these fabulous Japonesque lash curlers in my kit for years. I always get an even curl and the nice rounded shape prevents any pinching when I'm getting in close to the root. The extra grip around the finger spaces makes using it even more comfortable because you're not straining to hold onto them.

For my ladies on the go, whether for day-to-day use or to keep in your travel kit, you'll love their Go Curl pocket lash curlers!!

Shu Uemura Eyelash CurlerNo "favorite eyelash curler" list would be complete without the mention of the mother of all lash curlers, Shu Uemura. There is a reason these have been talked about and used amongst professionals for years. Just try for yourself! 

Other eyelash curlers worth checking out include:

The new Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler makes it easy with its 360 degree heated reversible rotating comb.

Panasonic Heated Eyelash CurlerSally Hansen’s Give ’Em the Eye Double Curl Eyelash Curler curls lashes in two spots for doe-eyed results (Available at

Tweezerman Studio Collection ProCurl Eyelash Curler has a sleek body shape and large opening, making it easy to use. (Available at

Maybelline’s Eyelash Curler is a long-standing classic at a reasonable price. (Available at drug stores)

Le Curler from Lancome offers ultimate control with its specially designed no-slip grip. The silicone rubber pad lasts three months and comes with a refill pad. (Available at


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