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Summer Fruits

Summer fruits are sweet, delicious, and packed with vitamins, and so is our skin!

Calgon Berry Ravishing Body MistKaren Behnke is Founding Partner at Juice Beauty. Juice Beauty has the rare distinction of having 98% total organic content in all of their products (they meet rigorous standards!). Juice Beauty’s products include oily and blemished skin care, aging skin care, sun protection, make up, body, and more. She discusses the importance of fruit in skincare.

“Fruit is critical for skincare because of the incredibly high content of antioxidants, phytonutrients and flavonoids. Juice Beauty has received astounding clinically validated age [defying] and blemish clearing results (up to 96% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and up to 87% free radical scavenging—meaning goodbye wrinkles and goodbye blemishes), these clinical results come from (not only) the power ingredients we add to our skincare products (alpha lipoic, CoQ10, etc) but from our incredibly pure organic antioxidant rich juice base. Not only are aloe and grapeseed juices amazing for your skin but USDA Certified organic juices have an even higher antioxidant and vitamin/mineral content than conventionally farmed products. Bottom line….power packed organic antioxidant rich ingredients so that every drop feeds your skin and fights free radical damage.”

Juice Beauty products also use local ingredients, sustainable and recycled packaging, and are cruelty-free. Eco-celebrity Alicia Silverstone has signed on with a new organic line. The Alicia Silverstone Collection includes Simply Pure Chamomile Cleanser, Simply Nourishing Moisturizer, Simply Flawless Pressed Powder, and Irresistible Glow Facial Highlighter. Her signature Purely Kissable Lip Color blends passion fruit, champagne grapes, acai and goji berries and other organic goodies for soft and kissable lips. (Available at

Other Fruity Face options:

Stila Lip Glaze is a high shine gloss with a punch of color and a yummy scent. Choose from fruitful shades such as Apricot, Banana, Tangerine, Grapefruit, Blackberry, Honeydew, Plum, and others. (Available at

LUSH I Love Juicy ShampooKiehl’s classic Pineapple Papaya Facial Scrub uses the fruits along with finely ground scrub grains for an exfoliating one-two punch. It removes dead skin cells and surface oil to leave skin clean and soft. (Available at

Sephora by OPI Scentsational Six Fruit-Scented Nail Lacquers is a set of six vibrant nail lacquers with fruity scents. The set has fruit-scented lacquers in Blueberry, Cherry, Mango, Watermelon, Tutti Fruitti, and Citrus. (Available at

bareMinerals Blush is a loose powder that gives a subtle, natural glow. Shades include Vintage Peach and Fruit Cocktail. (Available at

The DiorBlush compact contains two shades, one shimmering and sheer, the other velvety and matte. They feature colors such as Strawberry Sorbets, Passion Fruits, and Peachy Keen. (Available at

Fruity Body:

stilla Lip Glaze in Blackberry

philosophy are well known for the super delicious scents featured in cleansers, body lotions, and shower gels. Their Mangos And Cream Duo, Black Cherry Italian Soda, and Cabana Girl Guava Coconut feature a cleanser for both skin and hair, and a lightweight lotion for post-bathing moisturization. (Available at

The Calgon Body Mist and Nourishing Body Cream line has newer fragrances like Berry Ravishing along with standards such as Passion Fruit & Brazil Nut and Coconut Sorbet. (Available at

The LUSH I Love Juicy is a deep cleansing shampoo for oily hair. Pineapple, papaya, kiwi and mango juices are slightly acidic and help wash away excess oil from the scalp. (Available at

The new TOO FACED Royal Oil Coconut Oil Body Bronzer With Mangosteen Extract not only has a super long name, but is a hydrating body bronzer featuring, you guessed it, mangosteen fruit and coconut oil. (Available at

Pacifica’s Tuscan Blood Orange Body Collection is chock full of organic ingredients and natural essential oils. The perfume, body wash, and body butter is a spicy and sweet Tuscan Blood Orange fragrance with some subtle strawberry, raspberry, and mandarin to round it out. (Available at

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