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Summer's Big Screen Hits - Part II
by Laurie Gail

The sequel to Summer’s Big Sceen Hits Part I, is, you guessed it, Summer’s Big Screen Hits Part II.

COPPERTONE® recently launched its Making the Sunscreen Grade program as a way to heighten awareness about sun protection for the whole family.

Ana M. Duarte , MD, Division Director of Dermatology at Miami Children's Hospital and consultant to COPPERTONE® offers up a few tips:

  • Parents should talk to their kids about their own sun-smart routine, making sure to incorporate elements such as a broad spectrum sunscreen, sun-protective clothing, sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat, if allowed.
  • Parents need to make sure their children are protected, especially in and around the water. The water’s reflection can intensify the sun’s rays.
  • There is an inherent need to educate today’s teens about the importance of sun protection and the dangers of tanning. Parents, pediatricians and dermatologists may want to frame their conversation by focusing on the known association between unsafe sun exposure and premature skin aging, wrinkling and most importantly, skin cancer.
  • UV radiation, whether from the sun or a tanning bed, is a known carcinogen and the resulting tan is a sign of sun damage. There are no “safe” ways to tan, other than the use of artificial, sunless tanners.
  • Parents should make sunscreen application fun for their children. Being sun safe doesn’t have to be a chore. A few ways they can do this is by helping their children learn what the UV index means or testing out the shadow rule with their kids on a sunny day. If their shadow is shorter than they are tall, UV rays are particularly strong.

Click here for more from Dr. Duarte and the Making the Sunscreen Grade program.


Coppertone Kids Wacky FoamHere are some more suggestions in the new sun screen products department:

Coppertone’s new products target specific needs. The Oil Free Faces Travel Size SPF 15 Sunscreen Lotion is oil free, hypoallergenic, and comes in a nifty travel size. Kids Wacky Foam SPF 75+ Sunscreen is a foaming lotion that’s pediatrician recommended and water resistant. Tattoo GUARD SPF 50+ Sunscreen is tailored for tattoos and comes in a stick for precise spot application. (Available at 

Kiss My FaceKiss My Face presents its 2013 sun care products. A few from the collection include: Face Factor for Face and Neck with Hydresia – it comes in both SPF 30 and SPF 50 and also includes aloe and cucumber extracts. Oat Protein Sunscreen comes in SPF 18 and SPF 30 and includes oat protein to help fight free radicals. Sport Lip Balm SPF 30 is a long lasting formula that is preservative free and water resistant. (Available at 

Aveeno Protect + Hydrate

AVEENO introduces its new PROTECT + HYDRATE sunscreens. They’re available in SPF 30, SPF 50, and SPF 70 and combine ENVIROGUARD Technology with their trademark ACTIVE NATURALS Colloidal Oatmeal to keep skin soft and smooth. (Available at 

New from Noodle & Boo is the Play Day Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen specifically designed for babies. It’s water resistant, lightweight, and non-oily. Aloe and Vitamin E help nourish and moisturize. (Available at 

Badger Broad Spectrum SPF 30

Badger Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Lotion is a cream-based sunscreen made with non-nano uncoated zinc oxide. It is very water resistant, while moisturizing, protecting and nourishing the skin. It has a base of certified organic oil, butters and aloe vera, which provides a protective barrier and makes it easy to apply. Also, Badger is a Certified Benefit Corporation and its products are Certified Organic. In addition to their support of farming communities and the environment, they donate to non-profit organizations that focus on the health and welfare of children. (Available at Whole Foods Market.) 

Australian Gold SPF 45 Sheer Coverage Faces with Self-Tanner provides protection for the face with the added bonus on a built-in self-tanner. It bronzes the skin with natural caramel and walnut seed extract. (Available at 

And for your hair, Ouidad’s Sun Shield & Sport Leave In Conditioner is a conditioning spray that provides a shield against environmental factors such as wind, salt, chlorine and the sun with UV filters. (Available at 

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