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Earth Day
by Laurie Gail

Rianna Loving, ORGO BeautyIt’s Earth Day 2013! ORGO Beauty, the brainchild of aesthetician Rianna Loving, shares her skin care philosophy and views on her new ORGO 7 Serums, a new line committed to preserving Mother Earth.

ORGO Beauty is an eco-friendly and innovative brand based in Venice, CA. Rianna launched her Organic to Green line at Fred Segal in LA in 2009 and her signature white tea formulas were developed as an exclusive refillable amenity line for luxury hotels. She now introduces her ORGO 7 Serums, which is botanically-based, fragrance-free and packaged in recyclable glass bottles. It’s available at Beauty Cirque, which was developed by Rianna with other industry experts with the intention of providing a platform from which other innovators in the industry might flourish alongside like-minded product lines, reach a wider consumer audience and build their brands in the beauty arena.

I asked her about ORGO 7 Serums, a seven-day skincare regimen featuring one serum for every day of the week, focusing on the many different issues affecting the skin.

1. What made you come up with the idea for ORGO 7 Serums?

As a licensed aesthetician and beauty expert, I spend a lot of time observing skin and talking to others about skincare regimens. I found that most people are only addressing a specific skin issue when using a serum and that they usually own only one serum. Serums are fantastic because they contain the most concentrated amounts of active ingredients and are the most effective anti-aging products. Because serums are costly to make and purchase, there is usually only one serum offered or used in a skincare line. Most serums therefore only address a specific skin issue so you are sufficient in one area but deficient in another.

Many of us who care for our skin well are already aware that ingredients perform differently (think of how different each moisturizer can be) and our skin can have different needs daily; like being in the sun all day, traveling in an airplane, stressed and hormonal, too reactive to food. So just like you may have options for your other products like moisturizers, lip and eye products, we should also have options for our serums. I developed 7 Serums so that you get a balanced system of 7 serums to address all the issues of aging each day and even though we have designated each to a day, you are free to mix it up, too. There is nothing like it!

2. Why is "green" important to you and your customers?

My first brand was Organic to Green, an organic line packaged in donated reused glass bottles and launched at Fred Segal. I felt so strongly about creating a line where the contents of the product were not compromised by the packaging and the packaging was just as important as the ingredients. I could never understand these organic brands putting organic ingredients in packaging where they are defeating the whole purpose of being healthy and eco-friendly. I believe trying to be green is just being as conscious as you can to make those little changes which can help all of us in the bigger picture. I think as a brand creator, and for our customers, there are those of us who really feel a sense of responsibility to make a change.

ORGO3. Please give me more details about the donated reusable glass you use for your packaging and the importance of that for the environment.

When I came up with the idea of putting my organic formulas in a smarter packaging option, I knew my best option was glass. I learned that glass can safely be reused after proper sanitizing and sterilization, so reused glass would be the smartest option. I was certain I would find a source here somewhere in eco-friendly Los Angeles. I was shocked to learn there was no such place – or program for that matter. So I started a community reusing donation program in 2009 called ReUse Glass Bottles in Venice, CA, where restaurants, bars, boutique hotels and even neighbors would donate glass. The glass is available to anyone. If you want the team to remove labels, sanitize and sterilize for your use, then we request a donation and we give proceeds to the top environmental charities that we support. Nobody said being green was easy!

* * * * * *

Let’s delve into other nature-born products designed to protect us from the elements while preserving and respecting the very same.

Aveda will organize thousands of fundraisers worldwide throughout Earth Month to benefit more than 40 clean water organizations that work to preserve and protect clean water access in a variety of ways – from water resource protection education in Taiwan, to advocacy for the ecosystem health and scenic beauty of the Lake Tahoe Basin. They celebrate Earth Day on April 22 with a 24-hour global hair cutting marathon. The goal is to set a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® title for raising the most money for charity through hair cuts in a 24-hour period. To help achieve it, guests will be asked to make a donation in return for the haircut. (All participating salons are listed at 

Kiehl's Since 1951Kiehl’s honors Earth Day with the launch of the Limited Edition Ultra Facial Cream. The commemorative product will feature label art by celeb partners Zachary Quinto and Alanis Morissette. 100% of proceeds from the sale of the cream benefit Recycle Across America, a not-for-profit organization that stimulates the environmental economy. “We are delighted to continue our partnership with Kiehl’s,” said Mitch Hedlund, Executive Director, Recycle Across America. “It’s wonderful to have the support of a like-minded company to raise awareness of the need for simplicity and efficiency in regards to recycling. Recycle Across America will be able to offer 65,000 standardized recycling labels to K-12 schools in the U.S. In studies where school districts began using consistent labels, recycling rates increased more than 47%. We thank Kiehl’s for their support and praise them for their continued efforts to make recycling more efficient in their stores throughout the United States.” (Available at Kiehl’s Since 1951, located at 112 Newbury Street in Boston or at 

Juice BeautyJuice Beauty practices Earth Day 24/7. Their products meet two rigorous standards: the USDA National Organic Program food standard and the California Organic Products Act. They buy locally, use only sustainably sourced and/or recycled paper and soy ink for all packaging, use solar power and conduct no animal testing. They’ve got an extensive collection of skin care, body care, hair care and makeup products. One of their newest launches is the Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream, which evens skin tone, moisturizes, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and has SPF 30. To celebrate Earth Month, they’re offering a promo code. Use ORGANIC20 at checkout to receive 20% off of your order through the end of April, 2013. (Available at 

Marula – The Leakey Collection is an anti-aging facial oil with high levels of antioxidants and Omega 9 acid to help combat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It provides hydration with a fast-absorbing, light, non-greasy texture. The company practices safe, sustainable and fair trade skincare. The oil, made from 99% pure Marula Oil, is created in partnership with rural families in East Africa who produce it using sustainable harvesting practices. This provides rural women with a sustainable source of income and a fair living wage without disrupting the culture or environment. Wild harvesting promotes conservation of trees and ensures that no natural habitat is altered. (Available at 

The Urban Decay Good Karma Brushes are cruelty-free, vegan and eco-friendly makeup brushes. Each brush comes in a magnetic box made from recycled egg cartons, the synthetic brush hair is made from recycled PET bottles, and the gunmetal brush handles are recycled aluminum. There are twelve artist-quality brushes to choose from. (Available at

Alba BotanicaAlba Botanica Even Advanced Sea Algae Enzyme Scrub exfoliates using sea enzymes that stimulate cell regeneration and prevent hyper-pigmentation. Free of Parabens, Phthalates, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Myreth Sulfate, all Alba Botanica products and ingredients are made without animal testing, which is exemplified through the Leaping Bunny certification on their packaging – an internally-recognized symbol for cruelty-free cosmetics, personal care and household products. (Available at 

Avalon Organics Lavender Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner is a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner set with a luxurious formula that is NSF certified with 70% organic ingredients. They include natural extracts including lavender essential oil, wheat protein, aloe, jojoba oil and other goodies. The packaging is made with 100% PCR (post-consumer resin) materials. (Available at 

The National Honey Board lives the Earth Day philosophy year round. Honey attracts and retains moisture to help keep skin hydrated and glowing, and may keep away early signs of aging, like wrinkles, by maintaining proper moisture. As an anti-irritant, honey is a preferred ingredient for those with sensitive skin and acne, and can be used to help manage breakouts while keeping your skin moisturized. Manufacturers have used honey in everything from hand lotions and moisturizers to bar soaps and bubble baths. Look for honey in store-bought beauty products or simply add a squeeze of honey to your moisturizer, shampoo or soap at home. Check out some of the National Honey Board's homemade skin care recipes on their site.

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