Harvard Pilgrim puts a big emphasis on teamwork and partnership. They listen to you – and work closely with you – to help you get healthy and stay that way.

That’s why Harvard Pilgrim and Country 102.5 are recognizing and rewarding teamwork and the teams of people who are making a difference in your life. So who are the team players in your life? They could be a team of nurses at your local hospital, your child’s team of teachers or coaches, a team of walkers raising money for a local charity walk, even the crew at your local coffee shop who get you started each morning with a smile and a cup of coffee

Amazing things happen when people work together. Harvard Pilgrim. Count Us In.

Team Players of the Week


Congratulations to Colleen Parnell who nominated their Team Players: RNs Cindy Dutton and Debbie Banville

"We would like to nominate RNs Cindy Dutton and Debbie Banville for Harvard Pilgrim Team Players.When our eight-week old son, Liam, spiked a fever spike, my husband and I rushed him to South Shore Hospital and spent two days while he recovered from a virus. It was a difficult for first time parents to see their newborn son sick, and both Cindy and Debbie made every effort to calm our nerves and provide comfort.  Over those 48 hours, we watched our little guy undergo procedures and every step of the way, these two special ladies provided us with critical information, feedback and heart felt advice.  And as a result, Liam made it out on top and he doing just fine!    We can’t thank these two nurses for making our tough experience bearable and would like to recognize them for doing such a wonderful job.  They truly are unsung heroes."


Congratulations to Shannon Lawler who nominated their Team Players: The team of Verizon workers in the Mystic Ave Medford Garage

"They are my coworkers but a great team of people who always work hard for their customers and willing to lend a hand to help me out too"


 Congratulations to Vicky Lourenco who nominated their Team Players: Patti Minton, Kate Bejune, Jen Baker, Sunshine Limiani, Janet Carpenter, Dominique Ruggiere, Liz Smith

"MOMS group Worcester, North. This group of amazing moms and Dads help organize local playdates, and events geared toward children. This down to earth group is a non profit organization that also takes part in community events and gives back to the community. After moving here from California and not knowing the area I quickly learned of great places to bring my kiddos. Thank you Worcester Moms North!"


Congratulations to Tracy Cole who nominated their Team Players: Hilary Thompson and Megan Kirkuras

" They work their rear ends off and donate a ton of time at Service Dog Project – Ipswich MA!  They go to school, work, volunteer, and train the dogs, wash the laundry, sweep, and clean poop!"

Congratulations to Dan Mooney who nominated his Team Players: Nancy Turgeon LPN and Ginny Callahan Dame

"Nancy and Ginny are nurses at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. They work in the Internal Medicine Department and also handle the Triage call-ins. They always make sure that their patients are treated kindly and with respect. They always make sure that their patients get sent to the right department and always are sure to calm their patients and make sure that the patients understand that everything with be taken care of. With Nancy and Ginny as Team Players and doing such a great job everyday, it makes me feel confident that the Greater Boston area community is in good care, all day, and every day. Nancy and Ginny are truly making a difference in our community. Thank you, Nancy and Ginny. We love you!"