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During the holiday season, everyone over indulges... This year Country 102.5 and Planet Fitness want to eliminate your moral guilt and combat those extra holiday pounds with a free year-long membership to your local Planet Fitness!  Enter below for your chance to win!

Planet Fitness creates a comfortable, non-intimidating atmosphere where everyone can feel comfortable working out. It doesn’t cater to bodybuilding or power lifting, and most of its members are first time users. It is a judgment free zone – that means no lunks and no egos. Also, Planet Fitness offers free fitness training with all memberships- you will never have to pay to meet with a trainer!

“Planet Fitness- Home of the Judgement Free Zone. Right now stop by Planet Fitness where you can join for just $10 a month, with no commitments. You'll also enjoy unlimited fitness training, called P.E. at P.F.  Stop by or join online at See club for details.”

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