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Duck Dynasty Watch and Win 

The Beards are BACK!  Duck Dynasty is back for an all new season on A&E.  Get caught up with the Robertsons, Louisiana’s most dynamic backwoods family of newly-minted millionaires. Don’t forget to tune in to Duck Dynasty Wednesday, October 10 at 10pm only on A&E.

After you’ve caught up with the family in this season’s premiere episode take the Duck Dynasty quiz below for your chance to win a $300 AMEX gift card!

In the first episode, Willie gets made fun of by an old friend about his:

  1. Bandana
  2. Beard
  3. Truck

When the girls complain that there’s no window in their playhouse, Phil:

  1. Takes them to buy a new playhouse
  2. Tells them to use the door
  3. Cuts a new window with a chainsaw

Willie’s friend challenges him to a:

  1. Lawnmower Race
  2. Squirrel Cookoff
  3. Log Rolling Competition 


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