Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I change my password?
Yes, if you are a current Country 102.5 V.I.P., just click the link below and log in with the password you were sent via email. In the password section change the current password to whatever you would like and then hit save.

I registered to be a Country 102.5 V.I.P, but have not received my confirmation email yet?
Please check your spam filter of your email provider, occasionally emails will be mismanaged. If you still do not have your confirmation email please click here to email our promotions department and we will activate your account for you.

Why do I have to log in each time I stream?
At this time we do apologize, but you will need to log in each time you stream, we are moving forward with plans to extend the amount of time that you remain logged in.

Why do you need my personal information to stream the station?
We require log in to listen to the stream similar to most other radio web sites these days to aid us in our internal research, no personal data provided to us is given to any other property or organization without express consent from you the listener as stated in our privacy policy.

Why do you need my date of birth?
Your date of birth is required so that we can adhere to child privacy laws that do not allow us to market to children under the age of 13 years of age. Country 102.5 talks encourages families to obtain additional information about safe use of the internet at

Q: How come it takes six weeks to receive a prize I have won?
A: There are a lot of reasons that can cause the length of time between winning and receiving your prize to be somewhat long. One is mail time, which can vary. Sometimes part of the prize is available, and another part is not and we have to wait. When mailing prizes, we do so as quickly as we are able.

Q: Why is my request not played right away?
A: Sometimes the song you requested is not available, or has just been played. Once is a while it’s a song that is no longer in the studio or, we have not received it at the station yet. We try to honor requests whenever possible but understand the wait times can be longer than we would like.

Q: Why don’t you answer the phone right away?
A: We have several phone lines that come in to the studio. Our personalities often are simply “on the other line.” They are also involved with picking upcoming music, getting ready for a contest, checking the weather, or a multitude of other tasks. WE try to answer the phones as quickly as possible.

Q: Why don’t the personalities talk longer on the phone and sometimes hang up quickly?
A: Check above! And – sometimes, the song is almost over and they have to talk!

Q: Why do you repeat songs so much?
A: Songs are played with a certain frequency based on their current popularity. There are a few songs that are the most popular, and they get played a few times a day. This practice is designed for a lot of people who cannot listen as often as they like. For people who are with us a lot of the day, the music may seem a bit repetitive.

Q: Do you let people volunteer to work for Country 102.5?
A: We have an intern program. If a student is receiving credit from a bonafied college or university, they may apply to work in one of our departments to get the experience.

Q: Are you real fans of country music?
A: Yes! Most of the people at the station have been involved in the country music industry in some way for many years.

If you have any other question, don't hesitiate to ask.  Just send us an email.