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Lasering in on Boston’s Best Skincare
By Laurie Gail

Lasering in on Boston’s Best Skincare

Non-invasive laser treatments are a tried and true method gaining more and more momentum.  Newer technologies can help diminish signs of aging, acne scars, dry skin, and other skin conditions that drive you crazy!

American Laser Skincare is the largest non-invasive skincare company in the nation.  They have recently announced that select clinics in the Boston area will be the first in the country to trial this latest skincare technology.

Locations in Peabody, Worcester, Braintree and Boston (Newbury Street) are now testing the cutting-edge Palomar Icon®  and Envy SilkPeel® skincare systems. The Palomar Icon is a state-of-the-art laser and light technology that is used to treat a variety of skin conditions, including hyperpigmentation, scars and wrinkles. The Envy SilkPeel is a microdermabrasion technology that removes the top layer of skin while simultaneously infusing the skin with a potent topical serum to treat acne, dry skin, stretch marks and signs of aging.

I asked Chief Medical Director Dr. Paul Flashner about the Palomar Icon Aesthetic System and Skintel Melanin Reader and how they work to improve skin for both face and body:
“The Palomar Icon™ Aesthetic System is the next generation of platform technology, with high peak powers, state of the art internal cooling, built in calibration, and the Skintel™ reader – the only FDA-cleared melanin reader to help adjust equipment settings based on the specific skin type of the patient.
The Palomar Icon platform uses multiple hand pieces combining both optimized light and laser technology to treat various skin conditions on the face and the body.  The Palomar Icon delivers higher total energies with much greater specificity than any other platform technology available.  By doing so, it delivers the best clinical efficacy and outcomes that can be achieved using non-invasive light and laser technology and does it with the greatest safety.

We are currently field testing three hand pieces in Boston-area American Laser Skincare locations; the MaxGTM, the MaxYsTM and the 1540 fractional laser:

  • The MaxG hand piece uses Smooth Pulse optimized light technology (proprietary to Palomar) to treat facial vascular lesions including facial telangiectasia (spider veins), pigmented lesions, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, rosacea, and facial acne, and can improve skin tone and texture.  This Smooth Pulse technology allows for much greater delivery of energy (more than twice that of comparable intense pulsed light systems).
  • The MaxYs hand piece is designed to treat pigmented lesions on the body, using similar technology to the MaxG.  It is most commonly used to treat sun damage on the chest, shoulders, back and hands and smaller more difficult to reach areas.
  • The 1540 fractional non-ablative hand piece allows for significant penetration of fractionated laser energy to greater depths (as much as 2000 microns) while at the same time sparing the superficial layers of the skin.  This procedure is often referred to as fractional non-ablative resurfacing.  This treatment can be used safely on every skin type from the lightest skin types (fair skin) to the darkest skin types (skin of color).  It is highly effective in treating and combating the signs of aging including fine lines and wrinkles, helps to address volume loss in the face by stimulating collagen production, and improves overall skin tone and texture.  Because of the significant depths of penetration and higher energy delivery that is achieved with the 1540 hand piece it is also highly effective in treating acne scaring as well as surgical and traumatic scars.  The Icon 1540 hand piece is the only FDA approved device for the treatment of stretch marks and does so in a highly effective manner.

Built internal cooling allows the most powerful platform laser treatments to be delivered with the greatest patient comfort and safety.”

He also describes how the SilkPeel treatment differs from past microdermabrasion technologies:

“The term microdermabrasion covers a range of mechanical skin resurfacing procedures.  These include the traditional approach of using sand or aluminum particles to remove the superficial layer of the skin.  It also includes the use of abrasive tips, fibrous pads or brushes to give the skin a “polished” feel.

Envy Medical’s SilkPeel® DermalinfusionTM is not a replacement for microdermabrasion, but is a uniquely advanced technology that incorporates a form of microdermabrasion as part of its process to accomplish much more.  It is a medically therapeutic treatment that gives the same benefits as a microdermabrasion, and because of its proprietary dermalinfusion technology, infuses one of several different types of serums directly into the skin without pain or discomfort.

  • One of these serums is Lumixyl (a peptide that blocks melanin production and is highly effective in the treatment of hyperpigmentation).  Lumixyl is 17x more potent that Hydroquinone in blocking melanin production.
  • The SilkPeel Dermalinfusion system also offers a highly effective non-pharmacologic treatment for active acne when used with its ClarityMDTM infusion solution.
  • SilkPeel Dermalinfusion is gentle enough to be used as a highly effective treatment for Rosacea.
  • Additionally, the SilkPeel Dermalinfusion system can be used with Hyaluronic acid solutions for infusion which hydrate the skin and combat fine lines and wrinkles.
  • It can be used with Vitamin C infusion as an overall anti-aging treatment.
  • The SilkPeel system can also be used to treat acne scarring, stretch marks and surgical scars.  It can be used to treat all these conditions not only on the face but also on the body.”

Newbury Street Clinic Manager Katie Sheehan talks about one of their most popular treatments:

“Our most popular treatment is and has always been laser hair removal. With the addition of the Gentle Max Pro in early 2013, we have been able to provide both men and women with hair free bodies! The GMP as we refer to it is the gold standard equipment in successful laser hair removal treatments. As a company we have performed over 11 million treatments and have really been able to change peoples lives with this treatment. The GMP allows us to perform very safe, effective and virtually pain free hair removal treatments on all body areas for men and women alike. The other really awesome feature the GMP is equipped with is the ability to safely and effectively treat all skin types, which is an advancement in technology that has really been huge for us. So whether it be stubborn facial hair for a woman or unsightly back hair on a man, at American laser Skincare we are able to provide all of our clients with the hair free solution they are looking for.”

Finally, Jessica Salerno, L.E., gives her opinion on her favorite treatments:

“My favorite treatments are the skin rejuvenation treatments we offer here at American Laser Skincare.  Microdermabrasion is a very popular treatment.  The exfoliation you get from the microdermabrasion buffs away dry dead skin leaving your skin feeling super smooth.  Our Skin Medica Peels are retinol based and work great for people who are looking for a quick anti-aging treatment to help boost collagen and even out skin tone. You will see noticeable improvements after just one peel and even better results when done in a series. Our Silk Peel Dermalinfusion treatment leaves your skin feeling freshly clean and smooth. We use different types of solutions for different skin concerns at the time of your appointment.  The silk peel dermalinfusion exfoliates your skin while infusing a specialized solutions into your skin, the results you can expect from these treatments are truly remarkable and can be performed on all skin types.”

Check them out at American Laser Skincare.  Or, call the Boston Newbury Street location at 617-419-3273, Worcester at 508-756-0400, Peabody at 978-854-0002, and Braintree at 781-843-0800.

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