4.24.14 In an attempt to create the perfect spray on cast, inventors ended up creating this.
Answer: Silly String

4.23.14 About 19,000 people have participated in this program without a single failure.
Answer: Witness Protection Program

4.22.14 One in four people who misplaced their cell phone have found it here.
Answer: Laundry basket

4.21.14 One third of folks said THIS when asked "What brings you the greatest joy?"
Answer: A clean house

4.18.14 THIS happened on this date in 1775.
Answer: Paul Revere's ride

4.17.14 Almost half the folks who have signed up for this have never actually used it.
Answer: Twitter

4.16.14 One in ten Americans plan on getting rid of this within the next year.
Answer: Cable

4.15.14 A new study reveals that THIS will help stave off fights between husbands & wives.
Answer: A candy bar

4.14.14 What major even led the US government to raise taxes on personal income?
Answer: The Civil War

4.11.14 This happened last Sunday. The last time it happened was 1989.
Answer: George Strait won the ACM Entertainer of the Year Award

4.10.14 A new survey reveals that this will cost the average family $978 this year.
Answer: The Prom

4.9.14 Due to bad weather and drug cartels, airlines have had to cut back on THIS on flights.
Answer: Limes

4.8.14 This chore, on average, takes eleven minutes to complete.
Answer: Doing the dishes

4.7.14 Nearly 75% of people admit to doing this, on a work computer.
Answer: Plan their vacation

4.4.14 What feature was added to Fenway Park prior to the 2003 season?
Answer: Green Monster seats

4.3.14 The average woman will go through about 111 of these in her lifetime.
Answer: Purses

4.2.14 More than 25% of Americans do this at least once after 11pm.
Answer: Buy something on TV

4.1.14 By 2018, all new cars sold in the US will be required to have this.
Answer: A rear-view camera

3.31.14 If I looked in your glove box right now, first I'd find napkins, then car documents. What's the third most common thing found in your car glove box? Answer: Ketchup Packets

3.28.14 If you have kids aged 4-12, you spend about $400 on this every year.
Answer: Birthday party gifts

3.27.14 About 1/3 of adults say they do this to relieve stress.
Answer: Watch cartoons

3.26.14 61% of men say they like to do this while working out.
Answer: Flirt

3.25.14 If you could have a hot dog at a game with any celebrity, a recent survey revealed that this would the top choice.
Answer: Mark Wahlberg

3.24.14 It takes women 45% longer when doing this at a restaurant.
Answer: Ordering from the menu

3.21.14 The first one of these went on sale 30 years ago this month and cost about $4,000.
Answer: Cell phone

3.20.14 It takes the average American 75 minutes to complete this. And they do it every year at this time.
Answer: Fill out their NCAA Brackets

3.19.14 When it comes to the cup-holder in your vehicle, nearly a quarter of us actually keep this in it.
Answer: Trash

3.18.14 One in five guys admit they do this after a tough day at work.
Answer: Call their mom

3.17.14 67% of foks recently admitted to doing this when they went out to their favorite restaurant.
Answer: Ordered the exact same thing as always

3.14.14 On Average, men get tired of this after about 26 minutes.
Answer: Shopping

3.13.14 One in three folks at work have made this fashion faux paus.
Answer: Wore clothes with the price tag still on

3.12.14 According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery, there’s been a huge increase in facial plastic surgery in the past year – and they think it’s due to this. Answer: Selfies

3.11.14 A revealing new poll says that 76% of men say they would date this person.
Answer: Their neighbor

3.10.14 This business takes in hundreds of millions of extra dollars per year because of Daylight Saving Time.
Answer: Golf Courses

3.8.14 What fashion statement is making a comeback for men.
Answer: Monicle

3.7.14 What was the coldest recorded temperature in Boston?
Answer: -18

3.6.14 3.5.14 In a recent survey, people were asked, what would you like to be able to write off on your taxes.
Answer: Coffee

3.4.14 The average 35 year old woman has 3 of these, but rarely uses them.
Answer: Bridesmaid's dresses

3.3.14 After the Oscars, what local New England delicacy were people eating at the Governor's Ball?
Answer: Maine lobster

2.28.14 This TV show is the most popular for couples right now.
Answer: Big Bang Theory

2.27.14 Experts say an average of 20 people touch this item before anyone buys it.
Answer: A greeting card

2.26.14 This is the #1 thing women say they want more out of their current relationship.
Answer: Alone time

2.25.14 A new survey says the Top 3 things single people judge a potential date on when they first meet are: their teeth, their confidence, and this. Answer: Their grammer

2.24.14 85% of streakers have this in common.
Answer: They wear shoes

2.21.14 Women are more likely to smile while doing this than men.
Answer: Giving bad news

2.20.14 In order to impress spectators at the opening ceremonies of the 1960 Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley California, this man was brought in. Answer: Walt Disney

2.19.14 Name the four events contested indoors at the Winter Olympics
Answer: Figure Skating, Speedskating, Hockey & Curling

2.18.14 The US women's national figure skating champion, competing in her first olympics in Sochi, has what auspicious last name?
Answer: Gold (Gracie Gold)

2.14.14 One of the brakewomen on the US Women's Bobsleigh team is already well-known for her previous Olympic appearances in what other event? Answer: Hurdles. (Lolo Jones)

2.13.14 According to a recent poll, what are the top 3 country love songs of all-time?
Answer: I Will Always Love You, Bless The Broken Road & How Do I Live

2.12.14 At this year's Winter games, women will, for the first time, compete in what event: Hockey, Biathlon, Ski Jumoing or Luge?
Answer: Ski Jumping

2.11.14 On average, these get cleaned every 110 days.
Answer: Refrigerators

2.10.14 73% of respondents to a recent Harris Poll said these are the Top 3 things that they can't live without.
Answer: Food, a car, the internet

2.7.14 1 in 5 Americans say this has made them cry in the past year.
Answer: Traffic

2.6.14 This competition will be the most-watched by Americans during the Sochi Olympics.
Answer: Figure Skating

2.5.14 Doing this in Winter helps you burn fat.
Answer: Shivering

2.4.14 62% of Harry Potter fans think that JK Rowling got this wrong.
Answer: That Harry didn't end up with Hermione

2.3.14 60% of folks recently surveted said that this is the worst part of traveling.
Answer: The delays due to airport security

1.31.14 A new survey says that 41% of people will be doing this during the Super Bowl.
Answer: Be on social media

1.30.14 A new survey says that 32% of women say that men look most attractive when driving this.
Answer: A pickup truck

1.29.14 Nearly two thirds of women would rather receive this than a wedding proposal.
Answer: A job promotion

1.24.14 In a recent airline survey, 38% of people said they would pay a little more for a ticket if the plane had one of these.
Answer: An open bar

1.23.14 According to an Esquire Magazine survey, 66% of men say this to someone at least once per day.
Answer: I love you

1.22.14 Half of all Americans believe that this plays a part in all sporting events.
Answer: Devine Intervention

1.21.14 This has an average life span of 2 months.
AnswerA New Year's diet

1.17.14 Married women say that this is the toughest thing to get their husbands to do.
Answer: Go to the doctor

1.16.14 Humans can produce more than 250,000 of these.
Answer: Facial Expressions

1.15.14 American Idol begins its 13th season tonight. In order, name the three top earning country American Idols.
Answer: Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Scotty McCreery

1.14.14 When it comes to breakfast, 80% of us have never experienced this.
Answer: Had breakfast in bed

1.13.14 56% of people will not share this with others at this time of year.
Answer: Their New Year's resolution

1.10.14 A recent survey revealed that some things that were socially unacceptable when we were younger, are OK now. Being a nerd was the #3 answer, Calling after 9:00p was #2. What was the #1 answer?
Answer:   Online dating

1.9.14 If this was sold by the gallon it would cost close to $21,000.
Answer: Printer Ink

1.8.14 A recent survey asked folks what would they do if they found an extra $100 in their pocket. The #1 answer was go shopping. #2 was to eat out. What was #3?
Answer: Buy gas for their car

1.7.14 Americans, on average, have about $56 worth of this in their homes.
Answer: Coins

1.6.14 The average one of these is $177,000.
Answer: An inheritance

1.3.14 The average length of a woman's relationship with this person is 12 years.
Answer: Hair Stylist

1.2.14 80% fewer people do this in their homes than they did 50 years ago.
Answer: Take baths