1.23.15 The average cost of this is nearly $4700, up 23% from last year.
Answer: A Super Bowl Ticket 

1.22.15 84% of women surveyed said this is the first thing they do when they break up with a guy.
Answer: Un-friend them on Facebook

1.21.15 A recent survey from American Airlines flight attendants found that most frequent fliers said they enjoyed their flights and felt safe because they had one of these with them.
Answer: Guardian Angels

1.20.15 Women throw away, on average, $365 worth of guy's stuff, when moving in together. What is the #1 thing they toss?
Answer: Magazines  

1.16.15 5% of American doctors have admitted to doing this at somepoint in their career.
Answer: Dating a patient 

1.15.15 Research shows that just touching this can make you feel calmer.
Answer: A plant

1.14.15 57% of people recently surveyed said that they would never break this rule.
Answer: Go thru express line in store with too many items 

1.13.15 30% of moms think their son does this too much.
Answer: Puts on too much cologne 

1.12.15 More than half of people recently surveyed said they feel that this is the best way to meet someone.
Answer: By taking a class or group activity

1.9.15 A recent study says that we waste 8 months of our life doing this one thing?
Answer: Opening junk mail

1.8.15 One in five people have skipped out on this because they were afraid.
Answer: A dental visit 

1.7.15 55% of people who have one of these say it relaxes them after a hard day at work.
Answer: A pet  

1.6.15 You probably did this at least 3 times this morning.
Answer: Hit the snooze button 

1.5.15 One third of men have lied about this to endear themselves to a co-worker.
Answer: Liking Golf  

1.2.15 20% of us call this person at least once a week.
Answer: Themselves (to find their phone)

1.1.15 Happy New Year!

12.31.14 85% of streakers have this in common.
Answer: They wear shoes

12.30.15 The average family will do this 8 times over the holidays.
Answer: Eat leftovers

12.29.14 Nearly half of women and a third of men without THIS secretly wish they had one.
Answer: A piercing

12.19.14 Women say that THIS is the lamest Christmas present their partner could give them.
Answer: Socks

12.18.14 A new study says that doctor's offices collectively lose about $19m a year because of this.
Answer: Stolen waiting room magazines

12.17.14 One quarter of all Americans will do this this Saturday.
Answer: Start their holiday shopping

12.16.14 The earliest form of this game was seen in 18th century Japan. It was called "Jan-Ken-Pon". What do we know it as?
Answer: Rock, Paper, Scissors

12.15.14 Most folks get irritated if they have to wait more than 40 seconds for this.
Answer: Elevator

12.12.14 Although the stereotype is that it's an elderly person's activity, in reality two-thirds of people who do it are younger than 45. Answer: Bingo

12.11.14 One in five holiday party hosts say this has happened to them.
Answer: Something was stolen

12.10.14 The average person will do this 26 times during the holiday season.
Answer: Sign a Christmas Card

12.9.14 30 years ago couples often did this after watching a romantic movie at home.
Answer: Rewind the video

12.8.14 If you're a guy, there's a 35% chance that you haven't changed THIS since you were a kid.
Answer: Favorite breakfast cereal

12.5.14 59% of Americans in a new survey revealed that they were not buying a gift this season for this person.
Answer: Their boss

12.4.14 When it comes to a first date, 48% of us opt for this.
Answer: Italian food

12.3.14 This was the most searched celebrity-related story of 2014.
Answer: The passing of Robin Williams  

12.2.14 51% of women say at least one man from their past is better at this than their husband.
Answer: Kissing

12.1.14 The average American has about 90,000 of these.
Answer: Miles on their car

11.28.14 Happy Shopping Day!
11.27.14 Happy Thanksgiving!

11.26.14 A recent survey found that the majority of us won't answer a cell phone call when we are doing this.
Answer: Having a face to face conversation

11.25.14 A new survey found that people now spend 45% of their time at work doing this.
Answer: Actually working

11.24.14 Last year more than a quarter million Americans say they got into a car accident because they were distracted by these.
Answer: Christmas Lights

11.21.14 One third of women recently surveyed said that this was the #1 reason that they enjoyed not being in a relationship.
Answer: They could wear comfortable underwear

11.20.14 1/3 of married women regret not doing this.
Answer: Keeping their maiden name

11.19.14 For the average person, it will happen on November 30th.
Answer: Receive their first xmas card

11.18.14 It would make more sense if these were horizontal instead of vertical, so we could see them better.
Answer: Traffic lights 

11.17.14 When talking to other guys, 1 in 5 men refer to their wife as this.
Answer: The Boss 

11.14.14 Women think this is the rudest thing you can do on a date.
Answer: Ordering her food 

11.13.14 Over a third of people say that their most embarrassing moment happened HERE.
Answer: At their wedding 

11.12.14 47% of women buy THIS when they're feeling down.
Answer: Make-up 

11.11.14 Nearly 40% of women think it's a turnoff if a man can't do this.
Answer: Grow a beard

11.10.14 Forgetting this on a first date is the #1 way to guarantee there will be no second date.
Answer: Your date's name 

11.7.14 One in five adults is afraid to do this with their spouse.
Answer: Ride in a car with them 

11.6.14 Including the Red Carpet, how many outfits did Carrie Underwood wear last night at the CMA Awards?
Answer: 11 

11.5.14 A new survey reveals that within 10 minutes of losing power, most people do this.
Answer: Try to turn a light on

11.4.14 Mom's are 10x more likely to do this for their kids than dads are.
Answer: Miss work because kids are sick

11.3.14 Making calls is now the 5th most popular activity to do with your cell phone. Name the Top 4.
Answer: Texting, email, surfing the net, using it as an alarm clock

10.31.14 Halloween is the third biggest party day of the year behind what other two?
Answer: New Year's Day and Super Bowl Sunday

10.30.14 A recent survey revealed that this is the scariest job in America.
Answer: Politician

10.29.14 10 years ago we spent 38 minutes a week doing this. Now we spend nearly 90 minutes.
Answer: Grocery shopping

10.28.14 When getting in a car, women are three times more likely to do this than men.
Answer: Put on their seatbelt

10.27.14 This scary curse was broken 10 years ago this week.
Answer: The Curse of the Bambino (The Sox won the World Series!!)

10.24.14 According to a new survey, THIS word drives guys crazy when you say it to them.
Answer: Dude

10.23.14 47% of us eat this treat in one bite, the rest take at least two. What is it?
Answer: Candy Corn

10.22.14 American women go here 37% more than American men do.
Answer: Doctor's Office

10.21.14 71% of American workers now say they would like to see their companies get rid of one of these.
Answer: A work day during the week

10.20.14 A survey says that THIS is the worst thing you can say when someone tells you that they love you.
Answer: "That's Sweet"

10.17.14 Chances are, you pass by dozens of these every day - and the average one is about 24 years old. What are they?
Answer: Telephone poles

10.16.14 51% of people said they would rather have jury duty than give THIS up for a week.

10.15.14 According to a new survey, every Sunday in America 82% of churchgoers are praying for family and friends, 74% are praying for guidance on problems and nearly 20% are praying for THIS.
AnswerTheir favorite sports team

10.14.14 If your a mom, chances are you started thinking about this 2 months ago.
Answer: A Halloween costume for your kids

10.13.14 What is the most common lie told by passengers to try to upgrade to first class?
Answer: "We're on our honeymoon"

10.10.14 30% of married people recently surveyed admitted that they spend money on this without telling their spouse. What is?
Answer: A box of cereal 

10.9.14 31% of men are doing this and noboy knows.  What is it. 
Answer: Dieting

10.8.14 American spent $1.5 billion on these items to help get them going in the morning, something they could not have done before the year 2000. Answer: Single serve coffee pods or K-Cups

10.7.13 No question today, Beaches live broadcast from Jamaica!
10.6.14 No question today, Beaches live broadcast from Jamaica!

10.3.14 An estimated 1.1 million American high school students will be doing this tonight.
Answer: Playing in a football game 

10.2.14 According at AAA, what is the most important thing you can have in your car in case of emergency?
Answer: Triple A card

10.1.14 This word is thought to be the most spoken word in the world.
Answer: Okay

9.30.14 55% of Americans think it's our own responibility to protect these.
Answer: Our cell phone pics

9.29.14 Women who have this visible in their kitchen tend to weigh 21 pounds more than women who have it hidden in a cabinet.
Answer: A box of cereal

9.26.14 If they could have gotten a redo, 53% of married women would have changed THIS.
Answer: Their proposal 

9.25.14 Women rate THIS as the most important factor in choosing a husband.
Answer: A job

9.24.14 According to Cosmo, 3 out of 5 women say it's a major turn-off when a man does this.
Answer: Winks at them

9.23.14 According to a recent study, what is it that causes half of Americans to lose up to 90 minutes of sleep a night?
Answer: Pets in bed with us

9.22.14 This is the biggest pet peeve people have about their significant other's bedroom habits.
Answer: Eating in bed

9.19.14 43% of us have this in our living room.
Answer: "Assigned" seating, or places we always sit in. 

9.18.14 78% of twenty-somethings say that they prefer to spend their money on this now.
Answer: Experiences, not material goods

9.17.14 55% of women admit they have used their curling iron for this.
Answer: A fake microphone

9.16.14 A new survey has revealed that women would rather hear you say, "You look THIS, than you look thin."
Answer: Young

9.15.14 Nearly 400 couples were recently asked the secret to a happy marriage. What was the #1 answer?
Answer: Happy wife, happy life

9.12.14 Doing THIS before going to sleep is said to improve your quality of sleep.
Answer: Turning your cell phone off

9.11.14 Nearly 35% of women do this immediately after a breakup.
Answer: Start seeing someone else 

9.10.14 This uses more than 5 miles of neon tubing.
Answer: The Citgo sign 

9.9.14 43% of Americans say they'd like to see this happen in the royal family.
Answer: William succeed Queen Elizabeth II 

9.8.14 75% of men now say they don't like it when a woman wears this.
Answer: Makeup 

9.5.14 1 in 10 women have admitted to doing this while driving.
Answer: Paint their toenails

9.4.14 Nearly 1 in 5 have seen their neighbor do this.
Answer: Walk outside in their underwear to get the paper

9.3.14 Research has shown that taller men are quicker to do this.
Answer: Get married

9.2.14 Nearly half of all parents surveyed say they got so emotional on their kids' first day of kindergarten that they considered doing this Answer: Having another baby