10.21.14 71% of American workers now say they would like to see their companies get rid of one of these.
Answer: A work day during the week

10.20.14 A survey says that THIS is the worst thing you can say when someone tells you that they love you.
Answer: "That's Sweet"

10.17.14 Chances are, you pass by dozens of these every day - and the average one is about 24 years old. What are they?
Answer: Telephone poles

10.16.14 51% of people said they would rather have jury duty than give THIS up for a week.

10.15.14 According to a new survey, every Sunday in America 82% of churchgoers are praying for family and friends, 74% are praying for guidance on problems and nearly 20% are praying for THIS.
AnswerTheir favorite sports team

10.14.14 If your a mom, chances are you started thinking about this 2 months ago.
Answer: A Halloween costume for your kids

10.13.14 What is the most common lie told by passengers to try to upgrade to first class?
Answer: "We're on our honeymoon"

10.10.14 30% of married people recently surveyed admitted that they spend money on this without telling their spouse. What is?
Answer: A box of cereal 

10.9.14 31% of men are doing this and noboy knows.  What is it. 
Answer: Dieting

10.8.14 American spent $1.5 billion on these items to help get them going in the morning, something they could not have done before the year 2000. Answer: Single serve coffee pods or K-Cups

10.7.13 No question today, Beaches live broadcast from Jamaica!
10.6.14 No question today, Beaches live broadcast from Jamaica!

10.3.14 An estimated 1.1 million American high school students will be doing this tonight.
Answer: Playing in a football game 

10.2.14 According at AAA, what is the most important thing you can have in your car in case of emergency?
Answer: Triple A card

10.1.14 This word is thought to be the most spoken word in the world.
Answer: Okay

9.30.14 55% of Americans think it's our own responibility to protect these.
Answer: Our cell phone pics

9.29.14 Women who have this visible in their kitchen tend to weigh 21 pounds more than women who have it hidden in a cabinet.
Answer: A box of cereal

9.26.14 If they could have gotten a redo, 53% of married women would have changed THIS.
Answer: Their proposal 

9.25.14 Women rate THIS as the most important factor in choosing a husband.
Answer: A job

9.24.14 According to Cosmo, 3 out of 5 women say it's a major turn-off when a man does this.
Answer: Winks at them

9.23.14 According to a recent study, what is it that causes half of Americans to lose up to 90 minutes of sleep a night?
Answer: Pets in bed with us

9.22.14 This is the biggest pet peeve people have about their significant other's bedroom habits.
Answer: Eating in bed

9.19.14 43% of us have this in our living room.
Answer: "Assigned" seating, or places we always sit in. 

9.18.14 78% of twenty-somethings say that they prefer to spend their money on this now.
Answer: Experiences, not material goods

9.17.14 55% of women admit they have used their curling iron for this.
Answer: A fake microphone

9.16.14 A new survey has revealed that women would rather hear you say, "You look THIS, than you look thin."
Answer: Young

9.15.14 Nearly 400 couples were recently asked the secret to a happy marriage. What was the #1 answer?
Answer: Happy wife, happy life

9.12.14 Doing THIS before going to sleep is said to improve your quality of sleep.
Answer: Turning your cell phone off

9.11.14 Nearly 35% of women do this immediately after a breakup.
Answer: Start seeing someone else 

9.10.14 This uses more than 5 miles of neon tubing.
Answer: The Citgo sign 

9.9.14 43% of Americans say they'd like to see this happen in the royal family.
Answer: William succeed Queen Elizabeth II 

9.8.14 75% of men now say they don't like it when a woman wears this.
Answer: Makeup 

9.5.14 1 in 10 women have admitted to doing this while driving.
Answer: Paint their toenails

9.4.14 Nearly 1 in 5 have seen their neighbor do this.
Answer: Walk outside in their underwear to get the paper

9.3.14 Research has shown that taller men are quicker to do this.
Answer: Get married

9.2.14 Nearly half of all parents surveyed say they got so emotional on their kids' first day of kindergarten that they considered doing this Answer: Having another baby

8.28.14 In a recent study conducted by linguistics experts, this is the most hated word in the english language.
Answer: Moist

8.27.14 According to a recent survey, THIS is now the most hated food in America.
Answer: Anchovies

8.26.14 This is the #1 thing that their S.O. wears that women say embarrasses them the most.
Answer: Crocs

8.25.14 For men, it's finance. What profession produces the most female cheaters?
Answer: Teachers

8.21.14 A new study finds that doctors get this wrong a majority of the time.
Answer: A baby's due date

8.20.14 According to a new study, nearly one in five men has done this to their dog.
Answer: Dress them up

8.19.14 62% of women wouldn't date a guy who had this.
Answer: a ponytail

8.18.14 It takes the average person 17 hours to do this after a breakup.
Answer: Change relationship status on Facebook

8.14.14 65% of women calm their nerves before a date by doing this. What is it?
Answer: Sing!

8.13.14 According to a new survey, 9 out of 10 people said they'd switch to a new Cell Phone if it had this. What?
Answer: Longer Battery Life!

8.12.14 A new survey reveals that most women own 65 of THESE.
Answer: Beauty products!

Answer: Photographer, Referee, Event Planner, Club DJ!

8.8.14 Name 3 things most likely to start an argument in a car.
Answer: Not asking for directions, speeding & getting lost!

8.7.14 Flight attendants say that this is the worst thing that first class passengers do in their seats.
Answer: Clip toenails

8.6.14 Name the Top 3 things you don't see in or on cars anymore.
Answer: Antennae, Cigarette lighter, Manual windows

8.5.14 When straightened, an average one of these is 44 inches long.
Answer: A coat hanger

8.4.14 The lower you set your AC at night, the better chance that this will happen.
Answer: Nightmares

8.1.14 On average, owning one of these will make you act like you are 10 years younger than you are.
Answer: A dog

7.31.14 82% of children have lied to their parents about this.
Answer: Brushing their teeth

7.30.14 A new survey found the average person does this at least 16 times during a one week vacation.
Answer: Post something on social media

7.29.14 Since 1990 the number of tourists going here has increased 800%.
Answer: Antarctica

7.28.14 A new survey reveals that two thirds of Americans fall asleep like this.
Answer: With the TV on

7.25.14 In the first year of a baby's life, this will happen nearly 800 times.
Answer: Have their picture taken

7.24.14 Research shows that it takes four minutes to do this.
Answer: Make a first impression

7.23.14 The truth is, you are really doing this 30% less than you think you are.
Answer: Smiling

7.22.14 You'll probably lose two of these in your lifetime.
Answer: Inches

7.21.14 None of the people aboard the Mayflower had one of these.
Answer: Middle Name

7.18.14 Men are more likely to do this than women at a restaurant.
Answer: Over tip

7.17.14 35% of people say this is a huge turnoff on a dinner date. What is it?
Answer: Blowing your nose at dinner

7.16.14 Men say the most annoying habit that women do in the house is this.
Answer: Leaving hair in the drain

7.15.14 A study has found that women wearing THIS are perceived by other women as a threat.
Answer: The color red

7.14.14 Nearly 40% of people say THIS is the biggest fashion faux pas during the Summer.
Answer: Wear a Hawaiian shirt

7.11.14 This thing has at least 280 kinds of bacteria on it.
Answer: Your steering wheel

7.10.14 For those of us going to the movies this weekend, only a fraction of us will do this.
Answer: Watch the credits

7.9.14 There are 2 billion of these in the world and 83 million are right here in the US.
Answer: Moms

7.8.14 According to a new survey, the average 18-34 year old spends nearly 3 hours a day wearing this.
Answer: Headphones

7.7.14 When it comes to cleaning the bathroom, men are 4 times more likely than women to do this in lieu of actual cleaning.
Answer: Spray air-freshener

7.3.14 Close to $4 million woth of these were imported into the US this year.
Answer: American Flags

7.2.14 A new survey found that 1 in 3 teenagers would like to have THIS job when they grow up.
Answer: The same job as their parents

7.1.14 Consumers recently ranked THIS as the most patriotic brand in America.
Answer: Jeep

6.30.14 80% of the time that this happens, it happens to a man.
Answer: Lightning strike

6.27.14 Only one in five working adults can do this regularly in the morning.
Answer: Wake up without an alarm

6.26.14 Roughly 40% of drivers have this, or have had this.
Answer: A "Baby on board" sign

6.25.14 According to new Statistics, this has become the item that uses the most electricity in your house. Which Item?
Answer: The Cable Box

6.24.14 People spend about $14 a day at work
Answer: Snacks

6.23.14 29% of men have done this because they think it makes them look cool.
Answer: Worn Sunglasses at night.

6.20.14 WHen it comes to dating and texting, THIS is considered the biggest turn-off.
Answer: Using too many acronyms & emoticons

6.19.14 Two thirds of fathers refuse to allow their children to touch this at home.
Answer: Thermostat

6.18.14 I can bring tears to your eyes, resurrect the dead, make you smile & reverse time. What am I?
Answer: A memory

6.17.14 This girls name has cracked the Top 100 Baby Names List for the first time ever.
Answer: Elsa (made popular in Disney's "Frozen")

6.16.14 Women are more guilty of doing this on the way to work compared to men.
Answer: Driving on empty

6.13.14 On average, when sons & daughters turn 41, they no longer ask their dad for this.
Answer: To fix or build things

6.12.14 Who's bigger, Mr. Bigger, Mrs. Bigger, or their baby?
Answer: Their baby, because he's a "little bigger"

6.11.14 35 years ago, there were only a few hundred of these jobs left in the UK. Now, thanks to one TV show, there are close to 10,000 of them. Answer: Butlers

6.10.14 The Wall Street Journal recently published a list of obsolete jobs. What job topped the list?
Answer: Milkman

6.9.14 THIS makes your face appear more attractive.
Answer: Perfume

6.6.14 It takes an average of 5 times to get this right.
Answer: Taking a selfie

6.5.14 In a recent survey, college students were asked "Who would your perfect roommate be?" What was the #1 answer?
Answer: Their moms

6.4.14 Relationship experts warn that women who have one of these are more likely to cheat in their relationship.
Answer: A personal trainer

6.3.14 Some of us like ours harder, while others prefer their softer. Either way, we feel much better afterward.
Answer: Ice Cream

6.2.14 A new survey has revealed that women are more likely to do THIS after a bad Mother's Day. Do what?
Answer: Have an affair

5.30.14 65% of women said that while on their last vacation, they had an argument because their S.O. would not stop doing this.
Answer: Looking at other women

5.29.14 There are six tea cups on a table. If one falls down, how many remain?
Answer: 5

5.28.14 The average American woman has had the same one of these for 16 years.
Answer: Best friend

5.27.14 Women were asked about things that ruin their day. The number one answer was fighting with the SO. #2 was getting yelled at by their boss. What was #3? Answer: Wearing clothes that don't fit.

5.26.14 Memorial Day, no question

5.23.14 You use me from your head to your toes, the more I work the thinner I grow. What am I?
Answer:  A bar of soap

5.22.14 Since the 1980's, the time the average adult spends doing this has gone up 400%.
Answer: Sitting in traffic

5.21.14 This practice may soon go out of style due to health reasons.
Answer: Shaking hands

5.20.14 On average, you lose about $460 on THIS every year.
Answer: Money you loan out to friends

5.19.14 What do people say is the sexiest instrument to play after the guitar?
Answer: The saxophone

5.16.14 9 out 10 women feel bad when they do this.
Answer: Look in the mirror

5.15.14 The average man does this 5 times a year.
Answer: Cuts himself shaving

5.14.14 50% of men have said this by accident.
Answer: I love you

5.13.14 Over 80% of people under 35 use their smartphone for this.
Anaswer: Alarm Clock

5.12.14 What do Ben Franklin & Alexander Hamilton have in common?
Answer: The only non-presidents on US paper currency

5.9.14 Surveys show that this household item is purchased more fequently as a gift than for personal use.
Answer: A blender

5.8.14 If you talk about this at work you are more likely to get ahead.
Answer: Sports

5.7.14 About 75% of prople agree that no one should do this on Facebook.
Answer: Be friends with their boss

5.6.14 A recent survey of high school students revealed that this was the #1 place they wanted to work after graduation.
Answer: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

5.5.14 The world record for holding the most of these in one hand is 24.
Answer: Golf balls

5.1.14 This movie was shown on basic cable more times than any other film last year.
Answer: Mrs. Doubtfire

4.30.14 Kids behave better during dinner if you do this.
Answer: Cut up their food

4.29.14 A recent Harris Poll asked americans to name their favorite books. What were the Top 3?
Answer: 1. The Bible 2. Gone With The Wind 3. Harry Potter.

4.28.14 Authorities say that kids are more prone to resisting a-rest at this time.
Answer: Nap time

4.25.14 Forward I am heavy, backwards I am not.
Answer: A "Ton"

4.24.14 In an attempt to create the perfect spray on cast, inventors ended up creating this.
Answer: Silly String

4.23.14 About 19,000 people have participated in this program without a single failure.
Answer: Witness Protection Program

4.22.14 One in four people who misplaced their cell phone have found it here.
Answer: Laundry basket

4.21.14 One third of folks said THIS when asked "What brings you the greatest joy?"
Answer: A clean house

4.18.14 THIS happened on this date in 1775.
Answer: Paul Revere's ride

4.17.14 Almost half the folks who have signed up for this have never actually used it.
Answer: Twitter

4.16.14 One in ten Americans plan on getting rid of this within the next year.
Answer: Cable

4.15.14 A new study reveals that THIS will help stave off fights between husbands & wives.
Answer: A candy bar

4.14.14 What major even led the US government to raise taxes on personal income?
Answer: The Civil War

4.11.14 This happened last Sunday. The last time it happened was 1989.
Answer: George Strait won the ACM Entertainer of the Year Award

4.10.14 A new survey reveals that this will cost the average family $978 this year.
Answer: The Prom

4.9.14 Due to bad weather and drug cartels, airlines have had to cut back on THIS on flights.
Answer: Limes

4.8.14 This chore, on average, takes eleven minutes to complete.
Answer: Doing the dishes

4.7.14 Nearly 75% of people admit to doing this, on a work computer.
Answer: Plan their vacation

4.4.14 What feature was added to Fenway Park prior to the 2003 season?
Answer: Green Monster seats

4.3.14 The average woman will go through about 111 of these in her lifetime.
Answer: Purses

4.2.14 More than 25% of Americans do this at least once after 11pm.
Answer: Buy something on TV

4.1.14 By 2018, all new cars sold in the US will be required to have this.
Answer: A rear-view camera

3.31.14 If I looked in your glove box right now, first I'd find napkins, then car documents. What's the third most common thing found in your car glove box? Answer: Ketchup Packets

3.28.14 If you have kids aged 4-12, you spend about $400 on this every year.
Answer: Birthday party gifts

3.27.14 About 1/3 of adults say they do this to relieve stress.
Answer: Watch cartoons

3.26.14 61% of men say they like to do this while working out.
Answer: Flirt

3.25.14 If you could have a hot dog at a game with any celebrity, a recent survey revealed that this would the top choice.
Answer: Mark Wahlberg

3.24.14 It takes women 45% longer when doing this at a restaurant.
Answer: Ordering from the menu

3.21.14 The first one of these went on sale 30 years ago this month and cost about $4,000.
Answer: Cell phone

3.20.14 It takes the average American 75 minutes to complete this. And they do it every year at this time.
Answer: Fill out their NCAA Brackets

3.19.14 When it comes to the cup-holder in your vehicle, nearly a quarter of us actually keep this in it.
Answer: Trash

3.18.14 One in five guys admit they do this after a tough day at work.
Answer: Call their mom

3.17.14 67% of foks recently admitted to doing this when they went out to their favorite restaurant.
Answer: Ordered the exact same thing as always

3.14.14 On Average, men get tired of this after about 26 minutes.
Answer: Shopping

3.13.14 One in three folks at work have made this fashion faux paus.
Answer: Wore clothes with the price tag still on

3.12.14 According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery, there’s been a huge increase in facial plastic surgery in the past year – and they think it’s due to this. Answer: Selfies

3.11.14 A revealing new poll says that 76% of men say they would date this person.
Answer: Their neighbor

3.10.14 This business takes in hundreds of millions of extra dollars per year because of Daylight Saving Time.
Answer: Golf Courses

3.8.14 What fashion statement is making a comeback for men.
Answer: Monicle

3.7.14 What was the coldest recorded temperature in Boston?
Answer: -18

3.6.14 3.5.14 In a recent survey, people were asked, what would you like to be able to write off on your taxes.
Answer: Coffee

3.4.14 The average 35 year old woman has 3 of these, but rarely uses them.
Answer: Bridesmaid's dresses

3.3.14 After the Oscars, what local New England delicacy were people eating at the Governor's Ball?
Answer: Maine lobster

2.28.14 This TV show is the most popular for couples right now.
Answer: Big Bang Theory

2.27.14 Experts say an average of 20 people touch this item before anyone buys it.
Answer: A greeting card

2.26.14 This is the #1 thing women say they want more out of their current relationship.
Answer: Alone time

2.25.14 A new survey says the Top 3 things single people judge a potential date on when they first meet are: their teeth, their confidence, and this. Answer: Their grammer

2.24.14 85% of streakers have this in common.
Answer: They wear shoes

2.21.14 Women are more likely to smile while doing this than men.
Answer: Giving bad news

2.20.14 In order to impress spectators at the opening ceremonies of the 1960 Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley California, this man was brought in. Answer: Walt Disney

2.19.14 Name the four events contested indoors at the Winter Olympics
Answer: Figure Skating, Speedskating, Hockey & Curling

2.18.14 The US women's national figure skating champion, competing in her first olympics in Sochi, has what auspicious last name?
Answer: Gold (Gracie Gold)

2.14.14 One of the brakewomen on the US Women's Bobsleigh team is already well-known for her previous Olympic appearances in what other event? Answer: Hurdles. (Lolo Jones)

2.13.14 According to a recent poll, what are the top 3 country love songs of all-time?
Answer: I Will Always Love You, Bless The Broken Road & How Do I Live

2.12.14 At this year's Winter games, women will, for the first time, compete in what event: Hockey, Biathlon, Ski Jumoing or Luge?
Answer: Ski Jumping

2.11.14 On average, these get cleaned every 110 days.
Answer: Refrigerators

2.10.14 73% of respondents to a recent Harris Poll said these are the Top 3 things that they can't live without.
Answer: Food, a car, the internet

2.7.14 1 in 5 Americans say this has made them cry in the past year.
Answer: Traffic

2.6.14 This competition will be the most-watched by Americans during the Sochi Olympics.
Answer: Figure Skating

2.5.14 Doing this in Winter helps you burn fat.
Answer: Shivering

2.4.14 62% of Harry Potter fans think that JK Rowling got this wrong.
Answer: That Harry didn't end up with Hermione

2.3.14 60% of folks recently surveted said that this is the worst part of traveling.
Answer: The delays due to airport security

1.31.14 A new survey says that 41% of people will be doing this during the Super Bowl.
Answer: Be on social media

1.30.14 A new survey says that 32% of women say that men look most attractive when driving this.
Answer: A pickup truck

1.29.14 Nearly two thirds of women would rather receive this than a wedding proposal.
Answer: A job promotion

1.24.14 In a recent airline survey, 38% of people said they would pay a little more for a ticket if the plane had one of these.
Answer: An open bar

1.23.14 According to an Esquire Magazine survey, 66% of men say this to someone at least once per day.
Answer: I love you

1.22.14 Half of all Americans believe that this plays a part in all sporting events.
Answer: Devine Intervention

1.21.14 This has an average life span of 2 months.
AnswerA New Year's diet

1.17.14 Married women say that this is the toughest thing to get their husbands to do.
Answer: Go to the doctor

1.16.14 Humans can produce more than 250,000 of these.
Answer: Facial Expressions

1.15.14 American Idol begins its 13th season tonight. In order, name the three top earning country American Idols.
Answer: Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Scotty McCreery

1.14.14 When it comes to breakfast, 80% of us have never experienced this.
Answer: Had breakfast in bed

1.13.14 56% of people will not share this with others at this time of year.
Answer: Their New Year's resolution

1.10.14 A recent survey revealed that some things that were socially unacceptable when we were younger, are OK now. Being a nerd was the #3 answer, Calling after 9:00p was #2. What was the #1 answer?
Answer:   Online dating

1.9.14 If this was sold by the gallon it would cost close to $21,000.
Answer: Printer Ink

1.8.14 A recent survey asked folks what would they do if they found an extra $100 in their pocket. The #1 answer was go shopping. #2 was to eat out. What was #3?
Answer: Buy gas for their car

1.7.14 Americans, on average, have about $56 worth of this in their homes.
Answer: Coins

1.6.14 The average one of these is $177,000.
Answer: An inheritance

1.3.14 The average length of a woman's relationship with this person is 12 years.
Answer: Hair Stylist

1.2.14 80% fewer people do this in their homes than they did 50 years ago.
Answer: Take baths