5.26.15 Men are more likely to do this for a job, while women are more likely to do it for love.
Answer: Move 

5.22.15 Researchers say you can pick up 80 million germs doing THIS.
Answer: Kissing 

5.21.15 82% of people who own a home have one of these.
Answer: A welcome mat 

5.20.15 67% of guys in a Men's Health Magazine survey say they have done THIS to impress their SI.
Answer: Shave their chest 

5.19.15 Smartphones, tablets and other technology have shrunk THIS by 4 seconds in the last 10 years.
Answer: The average American' attention span (Down to :08 from :12) 

5.18.15 A recent survey asked people to rate the little things that make life worth liveing. What was #1?
Answer: Sleeping in bed with fresh sheets 

5.15.15 Nearly 50% of people who use online dating websites have this in common.
Answer: They are already in a relationship 

5.14.15 A new study shows that men who wear these are percieved as angrier and more agressive.
Answer: Red shirts 

5.13.15 THIS now happens at one in five weddings.
Answer: The bride & groom write their own vows 

5.12.15 Over one million were sold last year, but 75% will never be used.
Answer: Workout Videos 

5.11.15 The average one today is 60% shorter than it was 10 years ago.
Answer: A phone call 

5.8.15 Besides a gift, this is what mom really wants for Mother's Day.
Answer: Someone to clean their house 

5.7.15 According to, while 80% of us have one of these, many claim to not appreciate having it until the age of 25.
Answer: A sibling  

5.6.15 The average woman begins to regret THIS in about 70 minutes.
Answer: Wearing High Heels 

5.5.15 92% of women say THIS is the most important accessory a bride can showcase on he wedding day.
Answer: A smile 

5.4.15 Over 50% of young women say doing THIS boosts their mood when they're feeling down.
Answer: Taking an attractive selfie 

5.1.15 This item, invented in 1957, was originally planned to be used as a decoration.
Answer: Bubble Wrap 

4.30.15 4 in 10 people do not have one of these at their office.
Answer: A friend 

4.29.15 79% of men feel embarrassed or less confident when they have this.
Answer: Shaving nicks 

4.28.15 This is the #1 habit of happy couples.
Answer: Going to bed at the same time 

4.27.15 A new study revealed that the average family agrues about 300 times a year about little things. The #1 thing on that list was kids not putting down their devices. What was #2? Answer: Kids not cleaning their room

4.24.15 Research says that this is the best way to get a song out of your head.
Answer: Chew gum 

4.23.15 This is the most common question asked on a job interview.
Answer: What are your strengths 

4.22.15 A new survey has revealed that this is the most common thing we dream about.
Answer: Losing our teeth 

4.21.15 Before making a decision on this...woman usually take about 40 hours.
Answer: Buy one outfit

4.20.15 According to a survey, this is the #1 phrase a woman does not want to hear.
Answer: You look tired 

4.17.15 After "taking selfies," this is the next biggest pet peeve people have at the gym.
Answer: Naked people talking to you in the locker room 

4.16.15 One in four Americans regularly snacks here.
Answer: Grocery Store 

4.15.15 Almost $700,000 in cash was collected here last year.
Answer: Airport Security checkpoints 

4.14.15 Paul's height is six feet, he's an assistant at a butcher shop, and he wears size nine shoes. What does he weigh?
Answer: Meat 

4.13.15 Around 30% of Americans lie about this on their tax return.
Answer: Charitable contributions

4.9.15 According to a recent survey, this is the #1 thing at your house that you have too many of.
Answer: Clothes Hangers 

4.8.15 According to a popular dating app, this is the most common place to meet for a first date.
Answer: Starbucks 

4.7.15 In an office survey, 80% of women say, if they could give their male colleagues one piece of advice on their wardrobe, this would be it.
Answer: Wear an undershirt 

4.6.15 According to a new survey, women most want to enjoy a girl's night out with this celebrity.
Answer: Tina Fey 

4.3.15  A new survey reveals that the first thing people notice about a messy house is this.
Answer: The smell 

4.2 15 According to the Harvard Business School, people who do this are perceived as more trustworthy.
Answer: Apologize 

4.1.15  Over 900 cigarettes have been smoked on this TV show.
Answer: Mad Men 

3.31.15  According to Marie Claire 65% of men say a woman has done this to them.
Answer: Asked them out 

3.30.15 This is the most popular nickname to give your baby while it's still in the womb.
Answer: Peanut 

3.27.15 No Brain Strain - Sandals Live Broadcast
3.26.15 No Brain Strain - Sandals Live Broadcast

3.25.15 A survey of realtors has revealed that over 40% have had trouble selling a home if it had this.
Answer: The number 13 in the address 

3.24.15 One in five people now keep these around their house just for show.
Answer: Books 

3.23.15 About one in fifty kids born this year will live their life without one of these.
Answer: A middle name 

3.20.15 One in four men are doing this today, but don't want you to know.
Answer: Dieting 

3.19.15 Nearly half of all parents do not want their child child adopting THIS bad habit of theirs.
Answer: Bad driving  

3.18.15 Over 50% of married men now think their mother-in-law is ______. What?
Answer: Hot

3.17.15 According to Priceline.Com this is the most popular destination for college spring breakers.
Answer: Las Vegas 

3.16.15 The first person both a man or woman will call after a break-up is a close female friend. Who is #2?
Answer: Mom 

Answer: Telephone book!

3.11.15 According to Women’s Health 28% of women said they felt a spark on a 1st date thanks to this?
Answer: Great conversation!

3.10.15 The Average Home has about 160 of these. What?
Answer: Books!

3.9.15 ONE IN 4 women demand that their man does this. What is it?
Answer: Pluck their eyebrows

3.6.15 Nearly 1/3 of people admit to having hit this with their car.
Answer: A mailbox 

3.5.15 The U.S. military purchases the highest amount of explosives in the U.S. Who is #2?
Answer: Disney World 

3.4.15 20 years ago it was almost unheard of, but today almost a third of students will go to school with this in their backpacks.
Answer: Hand Sanitizer 

3.3.15 One in four men have had a relationship end because he did this.
Answer: Proposed 

3.2.15 Women have 4 times as many problems with this body part as men do.
Answer: Feet 

2.27.15 A new study out of Japan reveals that dogs can tell when you are doing this.
Answer: Lying to them 

2.26.15 One in three kids have done this without their parents knowing.
Answer: Gone to a concert 

2.25.15 50% of the world's population has never done this, nor have they had this done to them.
Answer: Made or received a phone call 

2.24.15 New data shows that people make assumptions about you based on the way you do this.
Answer: Walk 

2.23.15 65% of women don't trust their husbands to do this.
Answer: Fix the car 

2.20.15 According to a recent survey of women who use a dating site, one in three single guys lie about doing this more than anything else. Answer: Playing the guitar

2.19.15 In a recent survey, the #1 choice to give up for Lent was chocolate. What was #2?
Answer: Twitter 

2.18.15 This is the #1 snack food guys take on a road trip.
Answer: Beef Jerky 

2.17.15 If you're a woman, chances are you'll have dreams that feature this animal more than any other.
Answer: A Snake 

2.13.15 What are you most afraid of in your house? THIS is the #1 answer.
Answer: The garbage disposal 

2.12.15 Top 3 times you should NOT take your phone out.
Answer: Driving, at church, at the checkout 

2.11.15 40% of people say THIS was their latest big money purchase.
Answer: A mattress 

2.10.15 The average price of one of these is $149, and one in six of us will shell out for one this year.
Answer: Speeding Ticket 

2.9.15 Last night was the 57th annual Grammy Awards. At the 39th annual Grammy Awards LeAnn Rimes broke this record that she still holds to this day. Answer: Youngest person to win a Grammy. (She was 14)

2.6.15 A recent survey revealed that 1 in 6 ladies have broken up with a guy because of this.
Answer: Their mother 

2.5.15 According to a recent survey, this is the worst thing you could be doing in a selfie.
Answer: Working Out 

2.4.15 The average guy will do this 6 times on a first date.
Answer: Lie 

2.3.15 A recent study revealed that nearly 90% of Americans, when asked to describe themselves in one word, said they are, what?
Answer: Shy 

2.2.15 Living near one of these could double the value of your home.
Answer: Starbucks

1.30.15 Phil Simms began this tradition after the 1987 Super Bowl.
Answer: Announcing he was going to DisneyWorld 

1.29.15 This is the most popular baby name that is also a food.
Answer: Kale 

1.28.15 It cost just $6 to attend this event in 1967.
Answer: Super Bowl 

1.27.15 80% of women hate it when their partner sticks their hands in here.
Answer: In a pot to test whatever it is they're cooking!  

1.26.15 Guys sit on these, women usually don't.
Answer: Their wallet 

1.23.15 The average cost of this is nearly $4700, up 23% from last year.
Answer: A Super Bowl Ticket 

1.22.15 84% of women surveyed said this is the first thing they do when they break up with a guy.
Answer: Un-friend them on Facebook

1.21.15 A recent survey from American Airlines flight attendants found that most frequent fliers said they enjoyed their flights and felt safe because they had one of these with them.
Answer: Guardian Angels

1.20.15 Women throw away, on average, $365 worth of guy's stuff, when moving in together. What is the #1 thing they toss?
Answer: Magazines  

1.16.15 5% of American doctors have admitted to doing this at somepoint in their career.
Answer: Dating a patient 

1.15.15 Research shows that just touching this can make you feel calmer.
Answer: A plant

1.14.15 57% of people recently surveyed said that they would never break this rule.
Answer: Go thru express line in store with too many items 

1.13.15 30% of moms think their son does this too much.
Answer: Puts on too much cologne 

1.12.15 More than half of people recently surveyed said they feel that this is the best way to meet someone.
Answer: By taking a class or group activity

1.9.15 A recent study says that we waste 8 months of our life doing this one thing?
Answer: Opening junk mail

1.8.15 One in five people have skipped out on this because they were afraid.
Answer: A dental visit 

1.7.15 55% of people who have one of these say it relaxes them after a hard day at work.
Answer: A pet  

1.6.15 You probably did this at least 3 times this morning.
Answer: Hit the snooze button 

1.5.15 One third of men have lied about this to endear themselves to a co-worker.
Answer: Liking Golf  

1.2.15 20% of us call this person at least once a week.
Answer: Themselves (to find their phone)

1.1.15 Happy New Year!

12.31.14 85% of streakers have this in common.
Answer: They wear shoes

12.30.15 The average family will do this 8 times over the holidays.
Answer: Eat leftovers

12.29.14 Nearly half of women and a third of men without THIS secretly wish they had one.
Answer: A piercing

12.19.14 Women say that THIS is the lamest Christmas present their partner could give them.
Answer: Socks

12.18.14 A new study says that doctor's offices collectively lose about $19m a year because of this.
Answer: Stolen waiting room magazines

12.17.14 One quarter of all Americans will do this this Saturday.
Answer: Start their holiday shopping

12.16.14 The earliest form of this game was seen in 18th century Japan. It was called "Jan-Ken-Pon". What do we know it as?
Answer: Rock, Paper, Scissors

12.15.14 Most folks get irritated if they have to wait more than 40 seconds for this.
Answer: Elevator

12.12.14 Although the stereotype is that it's an elderly person's activity, in reality two-thirds of people who do it are younger than 45. Answer: Bingo

12.11.14 One in five holiday party hosts say this has happened to them.
Answer: Something was stolen

12.10.14 The average person will do this 26 times during the holiday season.
Answer: Sign a Christmas Card

12.9.14 30 years ago couples often did this after watching a romantic movie at home.
Answer: Rewind the video

12.8.14 If you're a guy, there's a 35% chance that you haven't changed THIS since you were a kid.
Answer: Favorite breakfast cereal

12.5.14 59% of Americans in a new survey revealed that they were not buying a gift this season for this person.
Answer: Their boss

12.4.14 When it comes to a first date, 48% of us opt for this.
Answer: Italian food

12.3.14 This was the most searched celebrity-related story of 2014.
Answer: The passing of Robin Williams  

12.2.14 51% of women say at least one man from their past is better at this than their husband.
Answer: Kissing

12.1.14 The average American has about 90,000 of these.
Answer: Miles on their car